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Next in Blockchain – World Blockchain Conference, Singapore

The World Blockchain Conference, Singapore will be held at Pan Pacific Hotel on July 17-18, 2018.

Hosted by the World Blockchain Council and GMGC, The World Blockchain Conference, Singapore will be held at Pan Pacific Hotel on July 17-18, 2018. With the theme of “Next in Blockchain”, the Conference is expected to witness over 1500 professionals from the Government and Blockchain companies to related applications experts, Investors, and technical communities.

Singapore is not only a very mature financial market but also competing to become a major country adopting various technologies. The Prime Minister of Singapore Mr.Lee Hsien Loong had officially launched the “Wisdom Country” program as early as 2014, aiming to build a better living community through the use of Blockchain technology with the corporate and government efforts. Regardless of the government or the business sector, Singapore is already at the forefront of the new era of Blockchain.

“Globalization” will be one of the core concepts of this conference. The conference aims to strengthen the exchange of global Blockchain technology and explore the real application scenarios of Blockchain in diverse fields. The experts from the East to the West will attend the conference to share the trends of Blockchain, Policies and laws and the future of this technology, – where it takes us next?

The host reveals that Yige Cai, the general manager of blockchain services at the world’s Internet giant Tecent, will share application cases of blockchain, digital draft, lisk, WIT120, etc. at the coming Conference. Feng Li, the blockchain development lead of Baidu Financial (rebranded to Du Xiaoman Financial now) will also share how the blockchain technology can be applied to the financial sector in reality. Doc. Jochen Kumm, who is the director of Stanford Genome Technology Center, will present his forward-looking ideas on blockchain and genetic engineering.. In terms of the public blockchain technology, the Conference has invited prominent figures including Meijun Zhao, the founder of Aurora, and Jizhe Xu, the co-founder of Elastos and CEO of the Newton Project, to share their insights and visions.

The Speakers’ line-up includes;

  • Jin Ho Hur,Managing Director, SEMA Translink Investment
  • Jason Hsu, Legislator,Taiwan | Co-Founder, TEDx Taipei
  • Yige Cai,GM, Tencent Blockchain
  • Jared Psigoda, CEO, BitGuild
  • Tony  Zhang, Founder, ecarecoin
  • Adam Weigold, CEO, Cryptyk
  • Kelvin Coelho, Product Lead and Co-Founder, meVu
  • Salim Ali, CEO & Co-Founder , Loyakk
  • Sean Salloux, Consultant, Baanx
  • Val Yap, CEO and Founder, PolicyPal Network
  • Jochen Kumm,PhD. Director, Biomath Stanford Genome Technology Center
  • Xin Tao ,COO & co-founder, infiniVision Network
  • Jimmy Nguyen,CEO, nChain
  • Harry Xiao,CEO, MeshBox
  • Daniel Uribe,Co-Founder & CEO, Genobank.io
  • AlyMadhavji, Managing Partner, Blockchain Founders Fund
  • KinKo, Co-Founder, co  
  • LiFeng, Block Chain Manager, Baidu Finance
  • Stefano Virgilli, CEO, VOX
  • DaeHun Nyang, Member of the Board of Directors and Editorial Board Korea Institute of Information Security and Cryptology
  • TaesoonKim, CEO, Hackers Lab + MoFAS
  • NancyLi, Co founder, Crypto Xnames
  • MichaelLai, Founder and CEO, TokenBacon
  • EvanWebb, CEO & Co-founder, Gamecosys

And many more!

The calls for speakers & sponsors are still open! The organizer invites companies to benefit from the visibility that comes with being part of World Blockchain Conference. It is an ideal opportunity for companies to showcase themselves to and interact with local, regional and international representatives, as well as delegates from all over the world.

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Get in touch with the team: global@wbconference.net

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