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Asia-Pacific Ethereum Community Meetup

Asia-Pacific Ethereum Community Meetup will be taking place in Shenzhen, China on Dec 3, 2017!

The meetup is organized by LinkTime. It aims at promoting technology exchange and connecting Ethereum developers with community members, as well as creating opportunities for users to know more about the Ethereum-based projects. The event covers the Ethereum-based technology training, excellent use case discussion, and the current development of Asia-Pacific Ethereum communities, etc. The confirmed guests include the founder of Ethereum, Ethereum developers, various Ethereum community representatives (China, Korea, Singapore, America, Japan etc.), founders of excellent Ethereum-based projects, noted investors and enterprise representatives in this space.

Meetup | Time & Location

Time:8:30-18:00 December 3, 2017.

Location:Shenzhen, China

Meetup | Agenda


Meetup | Others

Professional simultaneous interpretation will be provided during the event to meet the needs of different languages, and also tea breaks are available in the morning and afternoon. Besides, the Window of the Word, Happy Valley, Splendid China Folk Culture Village are featured attractions around the location, participants can enjoy their stay while participating in the meetup.

More about the meetup and registration, please checkhttp://www.baoming.in/meetup/index-en.html