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【EDCON】Breaking Down the EIP-999 Debate–Preethi Kasireddy

One of the Chinese Ethereum Communities- LinkTime successfully hosted Community Ethereum Development Conference in Toronto, Canada on May 3 to 5, 2018. The video and PPT are shown as follows.

Preethi Kasireddy, CEO and founder of TruStory, presented her demonstration on breaking down the EIP-999 debate. She pointed out that the proposal originated from the hack attack on Parity which led to wallets inaccessible and funds being blocked in 587 wallets.

EIP-999 tries to revive the smart contract through a patched version, which allows owners to regain access to their assets. Those proposing the EIP-999 feel that Ethereum protocol does not allow the restoration of self-destructed contracts and their is no other simply way to enable the affected users and companies regaining access to their tokens and Ether.

The video is provided by the organizer: LinkTime. PPT (Breaking Down the EIP-999 Debate.ppt) is authorized by the author, please indicate the source if repost.

PPT link: https://edcon.io/assets/ppt/5.5/5.5am/Preethi%20Kasireddy-Breaking%20Down%20the%20EIP-999%20Debate.pdf