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【EDCON】Ethereum Alarm Clock Scheduling Transactions for the Future–Logan Saether

One of the Chinese Ethereum Communities- LinkTime successfully hosted Community Ethereum Development Conference in Toronto, Canada on May 3 to 5, 2018. The video and PPT are shown as follows.

Logan Saether, Smart Contract Engineer at ChronoLogic, talked about scheduling future transactions by utilizing Ethereum Alarm Clock. He said scheduling is foundational but it is not included at the protocol level. Then he introduced Ethereum Alarm Clock to the audience together with the problems they are facing at present.

The video is provided by the organizer: LinkTime. PPT (Ethereum Alarm Clock Scheduling Transactions for the Future.ppt) is authorized by the author, please indicate the source if repost.

PPT link:https://edcon.io/assets/ppt/5.5/5.5am/Logan%20Saether-Ethereum%20Alarm%20Clock%20Scheduling%20Transactions%20for%20the%20Future.pdf