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【ECDON】The Road to Web 3– Peter Czaban

One of the Chinese Ethereum Communities– LinkTime successfully hosted Community Ethereum Development Conference in Toronto, Canada on May 3 to 5, 2018. The video and PPT are shown as follows.

Peter Czaban introduced Web 3 in terms of why and how.

First, he mentioned that the Web 3 protocol has the advantage of being able to create clear and scalable rules for an efficient and inclusive service market. In the second part of the speech, he explained the plans for further development of Web 3 from Dapp developers’ needs, Web 3 stack, technology selection, research, and partners.

The video is provided by the organizer: LinkTime. PPT (The Road to Web 3.pdf)is authorized by the speaker. Please indicate the source if repost.

Click the link to check the speaker’s PowerPoint slides: