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【EDCON】Making Sense of Cryptoeconomics– Josh Stark

One of the Chinese Ethereum Communities– LinkTime successfully hosted Community Ethereum Development Conference in Toronto, Canada on May 3 to 5, 2018. The video and PPT are shown as follows.

Josh Stark’s speech was mainly about cryptoeconomics, including three parts: “What is not encryption economics,” “What is encryption economics,” and “Why the idea matters.”

First, what is not cryptoeconomics? Josh made it clear that it is not a trend analysis, nor is economics that is applied in digital assets.

Then what is that cryptoeconomics? It is defined as“The practical science of using economic mechanisms to build distributed systems, where important properties of that system are guaranteed by financial incentives, and where the economic mechanisms are guaranteed by cryptography”. Josh Stark interpreted each element of this definition one by one, allowing the audience to understand cryptoeconomics more completely and accurately.

Finally, Josh proposed that the cryptoeconomics is an interdisciplinary research. Many protocols and scaling solutions have been applied in this area. 

The video is provided by the organizer: LinkTime. PPT(Making Sense of Cryptoeconomics.pdf) is authorized by the speaker. Please indicate the source if repost.

Click the link to check the speaker’s PowerPoint slides: