Welcome to Unitimes

Greetings from Unitimes! On this special day, we are happy to announce that we are officially opening the site to the general public.

What is Unitimes?

Unitimes is a social media platform that will focus on Ethereum, blockchain and fintech-related news. The site will include four sections:

  • Unitalk - interviews / AMAs
  • News
  • Knowledge - articles describing various technical topics
  • Information about conferences, meetups and other global events

Content will be available on Unitimes in English and Chinese, and we will add more languages in the future.

What makes Unitimes different?

We want to create a fresh and informative platform that meets the needs of our readers. We will adopt a unique approach that combines together different types of content including technical articles, news and AMAs, articles written by our staff, translations of articles published elsewhere and content published by regular users like yourself.

We aim to be much more community-oriented and interactive than a traditional media site, but at the same time more focused and higher quality than a forum. Popular articles will be translated into all supported languages by our staff.

Why Unitimes?

Our team is passionate about the blockchain and fintech industry and we believe that these new technologies can bring a great benefit to the world. We hope that Unitimes will help the world better understand the latest trends in technology and what is happening in the blockchain and fintech industry. We also hope that the site will help the global blockchain and fintech community better understand what it going on in China and help those in China better understand what is happening elsewhere in the world.

We hope that you can join us on our journey!