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UNITALKS | Angel Versetti of Ambrosus: Create a fully Transparent Supply Chain Platform

As the saying goes, “Bread is the stall of life”.  Food is material basis for human survival. Consumers pay most attention to the source, quality and safety of food because these factors directly affect our health. Amborosus is a Swiss startup focusing on food supply chain, the company use high-tech sensors, block chain contract agreement and intelligence to build a reliable supply chain ecosystem, making the production process completely transparent.

Today, Unitimes had the pleasure of talking with Angel Versetti, Founder of Ambrosus, on how Ambrosus was all started.

1. When did blockchain technology attract your attention?

I have been running my own cryptocurrency investment advisory since 2014 but what really changed the game for me was the advent of Ethereum.
I immediately realized its transformative potential and infinite applications. I could easily envisage how the Ethereum blockchain would be determining the global decentralization paradigm and I started experimenting with it and then started imagining different use-cases that could improve our society, eventually coming to Ambrosus.

2. What makes you want to create Ambrosus?

Intransparency and counterfeiting are the vices which are now plaguing nearly all supply chains – irrespective of their dimensions and geography. Hardly a week goes by without us hearing of a product-related scandal – lead elements discovered in packaged red meat, GMO fruit sold in organic stores, arsenic residue detected in baby food formula. With more and more such alarms being raised we can never really confide in labels and serial codes. That is why business need to realise: no interplay of sophisticated multimodal solutions will never translate into the relationship of trust between the manufacturer and consumers. Not unless the consumer can hold the corporations accountable for the quality and authenticity of their production – and here is where Ambrosus boldly steps in. Apt combination of the IoT technology and blockchain allows us to measure and record the information about every corner of supply chains. All in all, we are building the blockchain that can talk to sensors to unveil the entire history of the product and help enterprises achieve unprecedented resilience.

3. What are the most critical problems Ambrosus will be able to solve?

We spare all actors of the supply chains of the middlemen’s negligence, product tampering threat and unfair commercial practices such as quality degradation due to contamination, spoilage or non-observance of regulatory and contractual parameters. Early detection and removal of counterfeits and substandard commodities from supply chains, real-time measurement of product attributes and tokenization of commodities, smooth running of the logistics operations , contract execution oversight and eventual strengthening of customer loyalty – these are just some of the tangible benefits of choosing Ambrosus as your enterprise partner.

4. How would you measure the success of Ambrosus three years from now?

Already by Q3 of the year we will have switched to the AMB-Net – the blockchain solution that would allow processing millions of products and running thousands

real-world applications on top of it. While currently we excel the most at assuring quality of pharmaceuticals and food we are ready to expand the range of services that our product is comprised of for the time-being. Within the time-frame that you indicate we therefore envision that Ambrosus will be firmly positioned as a full-scale enterprise blockchain&IoT platform and would cater to the needs of multiple companies across the logistics sector.

5. As Ambrosus is a huge project that includes hardware, software, protocol and developer tools, what is the top priority Ambrosus is working on for 2018? Could you share with us the potential exciting updates coming in the pipeline?

Our updated roadmap for the year 2018 was released in February – you are welcome to check it out in our blog. In a nutshell, in the first half of the year the technical team of Ambrosus will be incentivizing the supporters of Ambrosus amongst the dev community to build their own dapps around AMB-Net. Ambrosus Technical Website is already live so the developers are welcome to start utilizing our open-source code and create new client applications and play around with our network. In the same vein, the release of the Developer Dashboard is forthcoming. By the end of the year the AMB-Net, the Industrial Grade Blockchain IoT platform will be unveiled – this event will set base for ultimate decentralization of supply chains.

6. What is Ambrosus business strategy to increase adoption in commercial and personal users to create scalability?

We provide an end-to-end solution for companies who wish to guarantee the quality, safety and origins of products and raw materials used throughout the life-cycle and provide a variety of tools and software solutions offered by our partners. This allows us to take away the headache of integration and searching for partners for our prospective clients and permits them to directly use and see benefits of those solutions.

7. What do you think the competitive advantages Ambrosus has when compared to both existing traditional supply chain companies and also blockchain startups.

Unlike other companies revolving in the supply-chain sphere Ambrosus provides an all-encompassing solution for supply chain businesses. The unique expertise brought onboard by the most distinguished experts in the blockchain, sensor, microelectronic and IoT industries allows us to achieve seamless interaction of hardware devices with the AMB-Net.

8. Currently, to optimize cost, the main transactional network used by Ambrosus is the Ambrosus blockchain, a private version of the Ethereum blockchain. Will you consider the move to the Ethereum open public network when Ethereum moves from POW to POS to be able to facilitate faster and cheaper transaction?

Ambrosus is currently using a network that is more than just a private Ethereum. We have created a proof of authority model using multi-tiered mastenode system and dedicated APIs to connect sensors. These are significant differences that permit us to build upon all the foundational blocks of Ethereum (such as smart contracts and solidity framework), while at the same time tailoring Ambrosus to compatibility with sensors and other IoT devices. Our solution from the very onset is using a Federated Proof of Stake model , so we don’t work using PoW except for the transactions that are recorded into the Ethereum main-net.

9. What collaborations is Ambrosus working in both with the private sector and public sector to re-shape the food quality standard?

We are currently working with a number of large European manufacturers and distributors of food and pharmaceuticals. Primarily we create proof of concepts for various tools and solutions on supply chain management and quality assurance that these companies need. Besides the core protocol we offer a platform on top of which other applications can be developed. We currently offer quality assurance, inventory management, loyalty points and a range of other solutions where the blockchain brings a notable difference. [also google Ambrosus Swiss Coffee Alliance partnership]

10. What is your view of the future of blockchain industry?

It’s likely that there will be consolidation of the industry, as the big actors are taking hold of the industry. Importantly, the projects that don’t offer viable solutions and expertise will gradually fall into irrelevance, as marketing and hype alone that used to work for short-term pumps, will be ineffective in the face of lack of real solutions and collaboration with the real industrial partners. The more legitimate and real-value projects will likely flourish and the real integration with commercial entities will begin. It is also likely that competing projects will be working together, consolidating their expertise and solutions.

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