Unitimes is committed to establish itself as a vertical Ethereum community platform. Here, we will present the most accurate Ethereum knowledge and technical interpretation, the most timely Ethereum community information and the most popular Ethereum innovative applications, as well as the most passionate developers community.

Who are we?

We are a professional media team who believes that technology changes the world. The members are from all over the world with the passion in Blockchain technology.

What do we do?

Unitimes strives to unveil the latest development of the filed.

Unitalks: Interview the experts or enterprise leaders in Fintech industry, to learn their ‘Uni-Stories.’

Big Names & News Flash: Focus on the latest domestic and international news.

Knowledge: Delve into the world of fintech industry.

Events: Preview current or upcoming Blockchain and Ethereum-based events and activities.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to help develop Ethereum Community, spread Blockchain technology to the public, share the knowledge of underlying technology and the upper layer applications; and gather the field experts in the crypto world. Overall, creating a leading worldwide fintech media platform.

How to contact?

Editorial: editor@unitimes.io
Advertising: advertise@unitimes.io
Partnerships: partner@unitimes.io
Contact: contact@unitimes.io





Sharing, Uniqueness, Responsibility.


To be the trustworthy leader in the field.

To be a leading Fintech and Blockchain Media platform;


To go beyond the country, going global;

To be diverse, taking fans to the experts;

To be objective, updating the latest news and technology.


To connect the worldwide Blockchain communities;

To spread the cutting-edgy technology;

To make the world a better place!